Follow These Five Steps and Get Your Guy to Commit 

When you are in the middle of a relationship where everything is going perfectly well, it is obvious to think about taking this relationship to next level. It does not matter whether you are planning to make him your boyfriend or you want to marry him all you need is an honest commitment from him. The question is you are sure about what you want, you are uncertain about what he thinks so how do you get a guy to commit.

Tips To Make Your Guy Commit 

  1. Make Him Feel Special and Desirable: Assuming that you already are in a relationship it is necessary that you make your guy feel comfortable when he is with you. Practice everything that will make him feel special and desirable. Respect him, acknowledge him and understand him for what he is. Pass on the message that he is the best thing that has ever happened to you.
  2. Make Him Confide In You: Win his heart and gain his confidence to such an extent that he starts confiding in you. Let his innermost fears come to surface and then make sure that he overcomes them transforming him on being a strong and fearless man. Having decided to move on in relationship let him understand that you have accepted him with all his strong and weak points.
  3. Give Him His Space: Men like to enjoy their personal space, make sure you give enough of personal space to him but remember it should always be to some reasonable point. Do not try to change him or his lifestyle, which might draw him away from you. With small gestures and hinting body, languages pass on the message that you are never going to take his life away from him.
  4. Never Make Him Jealous: There will be many men interested in you, never flirt, never make him feel unsecure or never discuss your past life with him.  Men usually are skeptical about their sexual desirability and their appeal. Avoid doing things that will make him jealous or insecure. For men loyalty is like their masculine pretence so making him believe that he is the most beautiful and desirable man in your life will give new meaning to your presence in his life.

Read His Mind and Give What He Wants: Respect is one thing will get a guy to commit. So respect him a lot for what he is and how he is. Understand the silent language he speaks, get in his head, unlock his mind and understand what he wants. Giving what he wants before he asks is enough to make him fall in love with you. Once he stat depending on you, and once he is addicted to your presence around him he will commit his love and loyalty to you.